Portrait in Jazz

Bill Evans by Bruni Sablan

Bill by Bruni

I came across this portrait of Bill while visiting the site of Bill’s son, film composer Evan Evans. I was taken in by the realism and the uncanny resemblance Bill has in this portrait, to his son Evan, now in his mid 30’s. It is especially apparent in the broad jaw and brooding eyes. A beautiful vulnerable man!

What a gift this artist Bruni Sablan had made. A letter from heaven. When I went to her virtual gallery, I found a wealth of incarnated jazz visuals. Her portraits of Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Bud Powell & John Coltrane, as well as Einstein, Mother Teresa & Ghandi are an amazing soulscape !

I felt compelled to contact her and thank her directly for her labor of love.

Through her art and the brief conversation that followed I discovered she is a deeply spiritual person. She paints only at night (while the rest of us are dreaming), a devotee to her art form, communing in these quiet hours with her subjects, many of whom have already passed into the light.

By the end of our conversation, we both felt sure that Bill had arranged our meeting.

As a writer, a mother and a spiritual being, I am constantly faced with the challenge to find and express my inner voice. I have enormous respect for those who continue to throw themselves whole-heartedly, into this task of being fully human.

To be present with the condition of human suffering and to continue to seek the light.

Jazz is an incredible healing art. Just being present with these images of Bill, that Bruni has created, I feel a wave of something beautiful coming toward me. Completion perhaps.

This is the print I ordered. Simply titled “Linear”, it is the first painting she did of Bill. The original was purchased by the great jazz author Leonard Feather. I chose it for the color and the internal feeling it creates.

Here is an article about Bruni Sablan in Metroactive Magazine which describes her Gallery and the Gala Anniversary Celebration at the Bruni Gallery on February 18th!

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